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North American Oil and Gas News
 DualEx closes acquisition of Alberta oil & gas assets, private oil & gas companies, and private placement of units
 Southwestern Energy announces third quarter 2016 operational update and financial results
 U.S. crude oil imports increase during first half of 2016, the first increase since 2010
 Schlumberger announces third quarter 2016 results, revenue decreases by 2%
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Updated : 10/21/2016
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Welcome to the New Mexico Water and Infrastructure Data System.

      This web site has been designed to provide several tools and data sets that will help New Mexico oil and gas producers find more information about produced and ground water and water-related issues in New Mexico.The pilot project for this website was designed for southeast New Mexico; therefore our most detailed data covers this area of the state. However you will find produced water data for the entire state, and the tools such as the scale calculation and mixing tools will apply for any data you may wish to enter.

     The web site consists of four sections: data, maps, scale information, and corrosion information.
  • Data includes two searchable databases; one for groundwater in southeast New Mexico, and one for produced water analyses throughout the state. We also have some conversion tools in case you want to convert units of concentration, temperature, volume, etc. The databases link to tools you can use to calculate the chemistry of a mix of two waters or to determine the composition of any scale likely to form from a given water or mix of waters.
  • Maps provides an on-line map-based interface to these databases, as well as GIS layers that were used to produce some of the maps. Also in this section, you will find results of a study of water quality trends and variations in southeast New Mexico based on our data.
  • Scale provides tools for predicting the likelihood of scale formation from waters of a particular chemistry or a mix of waters. Scale is an important source of water-related oilfield problems. The scale and mixing tools will either take data from our database, or you can enter your own data.
  • Corrosion is a resource book covering corrosion-related problems in southeast New Mexico: what is seen, problem areas, and possible mitigation techniques.
For contact, please email Martha Cather.
Petroleum Recovery Research Center, Socorro, NM-87801