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NYMEX LS Crude 82.36
Henry Hub 2.1
Updated : 7/18/2024
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Other States Petroleum Data


Choose one of the following states to view its production data.


Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado

Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho

Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana

Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi

Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey

New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma

Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee

Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia

Wisconsin Wyoming


State of Alabama Website
Alabama State Oil and Gas Board (ASOGB)
ASOGB Searchable Electronic Databases
ASOGB Production Data (searchable electronic database)
Eastern Gulf Region - PTTC - Alabama Well Data and Historical Production
Management of State Lands
Geological Survey of Alabama
Alabama State Energy Profile


State of Alaska Website
Alaska Department of Natural Resources
Alaska Deptartment of Natural Resources - Division of Oil and Gas
Div. of Oil and Gas - Publications and Data Products
Div. of Oil and Gas - Active Well Status Information
Div. of Oil and Gas - NPR-A Well Status Information
Div. of Oil and Gas - Field, Accumulation and Discovery Well Table
Alaska Department of Revenue - Oil and Gas Audit Division
Alaksa State Energy Profile


State of Arizona Website
Arizona Oil and Gas Activity (Oil and Gas Commission)
Arizona Geological Survey


State of Arkansas Website
Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission
Arkansas Geological Commission - Natural Gas Information
Arkansas Geological Commission - Petroleum Information


State of California Website
California Department of Conservation - Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources


State of Colorado Website
Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
Colorado Department of Labor and Employment - Oil Inspection Homepage
Colorado Department of Natural Resources
Colorado Geological Survey


State of Connecticut Website


State of Delaware Website
Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control


State of Florida Website
Florida Geological Survey
Florida Gas and Oil Reports and Maps


State of Georgia Website
Georgia Department of Natural Resources


State of Hawai'i Website
Hawai'i Department of Land and Natural Resources


State of Idaho Website
Idaho Department of Natural Resources
Idaho Geological Survey
Conservation of Crude Oil and Natural Gas in the State of Idaho
Idaho Department of Lands - Bureaus


State of Illinois Website
Illinois Department of Natural Resources
Illinois Natural Resources Geospatial Data Clearinghouse
Illinois office of Mines and Minerals
Illinois Division of Oil and Gas
Illinois State Geological Survey
Related Oil and Gas Organizations in Illinois
Oil and Gas Drilling Permits in Illinois
Oil and Gas Regulation in Illinois
Illinois Drilling Reports
New or Released Wireline Logs
Software available at hte Midwest Regional PTTC Office


State of Indiana Website
Indiana Department of Natural Resources
Indiana Division of Oil and Gas
Indiana Geological Survey
The Mineral and Fuel Industry of Indiana - Quarterly Reports
Indiana Drilling Permits
Indiana Oil and Gas Regulations


State of Iowa Website
Iowa Department of Natural Resources
Iowa Energy and Geological Resources Division
Iowa Geological Survey Bureau
Iowa Geological Sample Database
Iowa Geological and Water Resources
Iowa Energy Bureau
The IOWAccess Projects - No. 8 GIS Clearinghouse


State of Kansas Website
Oil Production in Kansas (by County)
Production from Kansas Oil and Gas Fields
Production from Kansas Oil and Gas Leases
Wireline logs (Available as LAS Files)
Plugged Wells in Kansas
KGS Core Library Samples - Index
Online Open-file Reports from the Petroleum Research Section
Oil and Gas Maps of Kansas KGS - Oil and Gas - General Field Map
The Basics of Oil and Gas Log Analysis
Kansas State Conservation Commission
Kansas Geological Society & Library
Kansas Geological Society's Robert F. Walters Digital Library
Kansas Geological Survey
Kansas Energy Research Center
Kansas Geological Survey Oil and Gas Information Page
KGS Digital Petroleum Atlas
A Government Study of the Oil and Gas Resources of Southwest Kansas
Kansas Energy Research Center - CO2 Project
Improved Oil Recovery in Mississippian Carbonate Reservoirs of Kansas - Near Term Class 2
Kansas Today - Timely Sources of Information


State of Kentucky Website
General Oil and Gas Information in Kentucky
Kentucky Division of Oil and Gas
Kentucky Drilling Permits
Kentucky Oil and Gas Association
Kentucky Drilling Activity - 1990 to 1998
Kentucky Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Cabinet
Kentucky Department of Mines and Minerals
Kentucky Division of Conservation
Kentucky Division of Energy
Kentucky Petroleum Storage Tank Assurance Fund
Kentucky Geological Survey


State of Louisiana Website
Louisiana Dept. of Natural Resources - Office of Mineral Resources
Office of Mineral Resources - Geological and Engineering Division
Office of Mineral Resources - Petroleum Lands Division
Office of Mineral Resources - Mineral Income Division
Louisiana Natural Gas Severance Index Page
Louisiana Field Production Information
Louisiana LUW Production Information
Louisiana Parish Production Information
Louisiana Oil and Gas Lease Bids Data
Louisiana State Mineral Board


State of Maine Website


State of Maryland Website
Maryland Bureau of Mines
Maryland Geological Survey


State of Massachusetts Website
Massachusetts Division of Energy Resources
Petroleum Product Clean-Up Fund Overview


State of Michigan Website


State of Minnesota Website


State of Mississippi Website


State of Missouri Website


State of Montana Website


State of Nebraska Website


State of Nevada Website

New Hampshire

State of New Hampshire Website
New Hampshire Environmental Services

New Jersey

State of New Jersey Website
New Jersey Geological Survey

New Mexico

State of New Mexico Website
New Mexico Energy, Minerals, & Natural Resources Department
Oil Conservation Division
New Mexico Bureau of Mines and Mineral Resources
Natural Gas and Oil Technology Partnership
Petroleum Recovery Research Center
GO-TECH website
Southwest PTTC

New York

State of New York Website
New York State Geological Survey
Wells Data
New York Oil and Gas Statistics, 1997-98
New York Gas Well Productions

North Carolina

State of North Carolina Website
North Carolina Geological Survey
Mineral Resources

North Dakota

State of North Dakota Website
North Dakota Geological Survey


State of Ohio Website
Ohio Geological Survey
Energy and Mineral Resources
Oil and Gas Pools/Fields Maps
Digital Chart and Map Series - No. 22 - Pre-Knox Deep Wells
Digital Oil and Gas Well-Spot Maps
Digital Base Map Files
Atlas of Major Appalachian Gas Plays
Digital Magnetic Data Files
Digital Data Files
Coordinate Conversion Software
Digital Geophysical Logs
Energy and Mineral Resources Statistics - 1999


State of Oklahoma Website
Oklahoma Geological Survey
Oklahoma Marginal Well Commission
Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association
Oil and Gas Conservation Division
Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association of Oklahoma


State of Oregon Website
Oregon Department of Geology
Oregon Oil and Gas Homepage
Mist Gas Field Production Data
Oil and Gas Publications
Oregon Division of State Lands - Mineral Leasing Program
Oregon Office of Energy


State of Pennsylvania Website
Pennsylvania Geological Survey
Oil and Gas Base Maps on CD-ROM
Wells Information System
Oil and Gas Fields in Pennsylvania - Map 10
Distribution of PA Coals - Map 11
Nonfuel Mineral Producers
Digital Geospatial Data

Rhode Island

State of Rhode Island Website
Rhode Island Geological Survey
Digital Maps of Rhode Island

South Carolina

State of South Carolina Website
Department of Natural Resources
South Carolina Geological Survey
Geologic Map of South Carolina
Sturctural Features Map of South Carolina

South Dakota

State of South Dakota Website
South Dakota Geological Survey
South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources
South Dakota Minerals and Mining Program


State of Tennessee Website
Tennessee Division of Geology
Tennessee Natural Resource Conservation
Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation
Oil and Gas Charts
Oil and Gas Maps
Miscellaneous Oil, Gas, and Mining Data
Mineral Resources Maps


State of Texas Website
Railroad Commission of Texas
Texas Bureau of Economic Geology Fossil Energy Research
Texas Hydrogeology Program
Project STARR
GIS Capabilities
Texas Natural Resources Conservation Commission
Texas Natural Resources Information System
Texas Resource Center for PTTC
Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners Association


State of Utah Website
Utah Division of Oil, Gas, and Mining
Utah Geological Survey
Utah Geology Maps and Information
Utah Oil and Gas


State of Vermont Website
Vermont Geological Survey
Vermont Agency of Natural Resources


State of Virginia Website
Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals, and Energy
Division of Mineral Resources
Digital Spatial Data and Digital Mapping
Virginia Division of Energy Commercial and Industrial Programs


State of Washington Website
Washington State Department of Natural Resources Division of Geology and Earth Resources
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)Data

West Virginia

State of West Virginia Website
West Virginia Division of Natural Resources
West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey
West Virginia Geology
History of West Virginia Mineral Industries
West Virginia Oil and Gas Production Database
West Virginia Energy Statistics


State of Wisconsin Website
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey


State of Wyoming Website
Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
Wyoming State Geological Survey


Petroleum Recovery Research Center, Socorro, NM-87801