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NYMEX LS Crude 82.36
Henry Hub 2.1
Updated : 7/18/2024
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Decline Curve Production Data Plotting Module for Excel

This piece of software is designed to generate data plots from the Excel production data spread sheets generated from a petroleum data search. Once you have downloaded the file, save it in your XLStart folder. This folder is often found in Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office - or you can use your Windows Explorer tool to search for XLStart. The next time you start Excel, the module will be available through the Tools menu and is called Production Data Drawing. This module will only work with data that is downloaded from the octane site or data that is in exactly the same format.

Important: To add the software module to your Excel you have to enable the ' macros '. By default they are disabled for security concern.
This can be faclitated very easily.
1. To do this first open your Excel program from the Start Menu of your windows.
2. Then from the 'Tools' drop down menu at the top select the ' Macros' followed by 'Security' option.
3. Then change the security level to medium and press the 'OK' button.
4. Now double-click the downloaded module.
5. This will ask you if you want to enable the macro.
6. Finally after pressing the 'Yes' button then you are all set to use the module as mentioned above.
7. Once your done using the software please use the above procedure to change the security level to high again.

Data Drawing Module for Excel :  Curve Plotting Software

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